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Illustration by Casey Jarman.
Do you ever feel like there’s this secret language of money you can’t speak? Or that financial security is only understood and enjoyed by those who come from money, or work as bankers, brokers, analysts, and accountants. Moneysplained is about breaking down those barriers and filling in the education gaps for people like you and me.
My name is Ally-Jane Grossan, I’m a writer and editor and financial planner in training based in Brooklyn, New York. Hi!
My goal with this podcast (and this website) is to bring financial clarity, and eventually, independence to people who are starting with little or no knowledge of how this stuff actually works. Moneysplained is for everyone looking for a better grasp of their finances—whether you’re fifty thousand dollars in debt, just about ready to invest a small portion of your savings with no idea how to start, or are set for life but don’t know which questions you should be asking your financial advisor. In season one, I’ll cover everything from self-employment tax to index funds. Real life money situations and problems and real life solutions. That’s what I’m bringing to the table.


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