In today’s episode: retirement. How to save, how to plan, and a secret community of millionaires who are retiring decades early. I talk to Nicole Peterkin, a certified financial planner in Boston and Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett of the ChooseFI podcast about their early retirement philosophy known as the FIRE movement.

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Pocket Casts



Here’s a great overview of retirement from the big bad MAN.

Compound interest is really really neat.

Feel the power of compound interest. Here’s a useful compound interest calculator.

Richard Thaler’s “nudge theory” has helped a whole lot of people save for retirement.

Non-Money Minute

Calling all fantasy nerds! The Magicians is the best book ever.

Retirement Accounts

How and when to open and IRA – this is great complete tool!

Here’s an awesome “When can I retire? calculator.

Self-employed? Here’s one Solo 401(k) option. Check out this super awesome start-up that makes setting up a Solo 401(k) not terrible.


The FIRE (that’s Financially Independent/ Retired Early) community is an alterative to traditional retirement in your 60s. Here’s an overview from Forbes.

The Choose FI podcast is amazing. Start with episode 38, “The Why of Fi.

These dudes have all the answers. Here’s a blogger explaining one of the tax strategies this community uses to retire early.

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